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Nicholas Laszlo, DHSc, MS

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

I am a holistic nutritionist. I use this approach to address the factors contributing to Metabolic Syndrome, including high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and insulin resistance. I myself confronted considerable health challenges over 10 years ago, related to Metabolic Syndrome. After my own assessment of my health, I made the decision to adopt healthier habits, thereby losing 55 pounds in five months. I was also able to reduce my blood pressure, blood sugar, and my LDL cholesterol to healthy levels. If I can accomplish this, so can you! Let me be your guide.

My Story

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Laszlo offers a genuine passion and commitment to advancing the science of health in the service of others. Having undergone his own personal health transformation 12 years ago, Dr. Laszlo has great compassion for anyone who desires to accomplish the goal of optimizing their health. His philosophy is grounded

in the belief that true health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of optimal

well-being that empowers people to live their best lives. As such, he recognizes the importance of an integrative approach to health, one which addresses the interdependent triad of mind, body, and spirit.


Dr. Laszlo holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in Nutrition Science, as well as a Doctorate in Health Science. From 2015 to 2021, Dr. Laszlo was employed as Clinical Nutrition Manager at Lags Medical Center in Hayward, CA. His focus was on emphasizing

anti-inflammatory dietary patterns in the treatment of chronic pain. Dr. Laszlo believes that nutrition should be informed by the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) model, a personalized patient-centered approach to healthcare. 


In his spare time, Dr. Laszlo enjoys road cycling with his bike club and competes in chess tournaments.

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