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Functional Lab Testing & Nutrigenomics

For Personalized Nutrition

Functional Lab Testing 

Functional lab tests provide data about your body using biomarkers that are not traditionally assessed in conventional lab testing.


Testing a variety of targeted biomarkers allows us to better understand the root cause of your health challenges, and also to prevent any potential health conditions that may develop over time.


You will receive a comprehensive lab report that will be interpreted by one of our expert nutritionists. During your follow-up session, the nutritionist will discuss the results with you and provide a precise nutritional plan that is customized to your needs. 


Nutrigenomics focuses on the interactions between diet and genes. By looking at the expression of your genetic makeup, our nutritionists can pinpoint the root causes of your conditions and develop a personalized nutrition plan. 

How does it work?

Book a session with one of our nutritionists 5 weeks in advance.


Place an order here ($349).


A nutritionist will contact you to process your order and confirm your address.


Once you receive the test kit at home, collect your sample (cheek swab) and ship it back to 3x4 genetics.


A report will be ready 5 weeks after you ship your sample.


During your consultation, the nutritionist will discuss your results and provide you with a personalized nutrition plan.

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