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BeAtitud offers holistic nutritional services to improve health outcomes and foster optimal wellness. BeAtitud derives from the word “Beatitude”; which means supreme happiness, or heavenly joy.


Cultivate Happiness

Reaching supreme happiness may seem unrealistic as hindrances often affect our well-being, yet it is not impossible. 


Contributors to happiness are either endogenous (biological, cognitive, or personality factors) or exogenous (socioeconomic, sociocultural, or environmental factors).


However, studies have identified endogenous factors as the main contributors to long-term happiness. BeAtitud focuses on endogenous factors that encompass health and nutrition to help you cultivate happiness.

Boost Your


Exogeneous contributors to happiness complete

endogenous factors but they are not essential. Nutrition is a vital element to happiness as malnutrition jeopardizes our health, affects cognitive factors, and influences our personality.


BeAtitud strives to provide you with guidance to adopt healthier eating habits, improve your health, and maintain optimal wellness. You are in control of your well-being, and it starts with your health!

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Make Your Change

BeAtitud's services focus on weight management, cardiovascular disease prevention, and emotional eating.


We conduct extensive nutrition research to provide accurate information and design science-based nutrition interventions for individuals and develop public health nutrition initiatives for non-profit organizations focused on community health improvement.

Have you experienced high-stress levels, unhealthy eating habits, or malnutrition? Do you want to improve your well-being? Don't wait, make your change now!

Meet The Nutritionist

Emmanuelle Laguerre, DHSc., MS 

Born and raised in Paris, France, Dr. Laguerre is the founder and owner of BeAtitud Wellness. Specialized in weight management and cardiovascular nutrition, Dr. Laguerre educates her clients to achieve optimal wellness and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Laguerre always had a keen interest in science. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Bloomfield College in New Jersey. Dr. Laguerre is also a certified fitness nutrition coach from NESTA and owns a master’s in applied nutrition from Northeastern University in Massachusetts.

In 2017, after working in a research laboratory specialized in cancer, Dr. Laguerre found interest in oncology and incorporated nutritional counseling focused on cancer prevention and behavioral changes. Her interest in oncology also led her to study Americans’ dietary behavior and beliefs regarding colorectal cancer through her doctoral research. Her research resulted in the obtention of her doctorate in health science from A.T Still University with a specialization in global health and organizational behavior.

Dr. Laguerre has based her practice exclusively on continuous and extensive nutritional research to foster better health outcomes and has used leadership to conduct nutrition interventions in communities for the past seven years. Ultimately, her passion for nutrition and health improvement has encouraged her to help vulnerable populations in Guatemala and India.

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